Nonthaburi : Little Kid, Intergrated English Summer Camp

20,000.00 ฿

  • Tution fee
  • Lunch
  • Field trip on Wednesday (only Year 1 up)
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Trip on weekend
  • Request please contact us
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The 2024 summer program, “Discover, Explore, Thrive,” blends entertainment with skill enhancement, emphasizing STEAM, diverse sports, innovative performing arts, and culinary adventures. Tailored for students from Pre-K to Year 3, the main objectives are academic advancement, personal growth, and leadership development.

Level    |    Pre School / Early Year

Amount  per room    |     15 maximum

Duration    |   Week 1-4 (1-26 July 2024)

Time  |  8.30 – 13.00

Languague   |     English

Curriculum  |     British Curriculum

Hight light    |     

Field trip 1 days per week. The weekly themes include STEAM adventures, various sports, creative arts and performances, as well as culinary adventures, along with various curriculum-based activities such as internet exploration, design arts, action scene production, soccer, basketball, volleyball, media music, photography, cooking and food, etc. Field trips will be organized weekly. The IGCSE and A Level curricula mostly focus on business, English language, IELTS, chemistry, etc.

Price per week   |   469 USD    (The price is inclusive of snack, lunch and day trip)


WEEK 1 (1-5 JUL)

A STEAM Adventure

Our STEAM Adventure camp offers an enriching and adventurous experience for young minds eager to explore the world of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). Dive into a diverse range of activities and hands-on experiences designed to inspire creativity, critical thinking, and innovation. Here are some of the exciting highlights awaiting our campers


WEEK 2 (8-12 JUL)

Diverse Sports Skills Immersion.

Our Diverse Sports Skills Immersion Camp, where participants embark on a thrilling journey of athletic exploration and skill development. Our program offers a diverse range of activities designed to engage and inspire athletes of all levels.

WEEK 3 (15-19 JUL)

Creative and Performing Arts

Our Creative and Performing Arts Unleashed Camp, where imagination knows no bounds and artistic expression takes centre stage! Our program offers a dynamic blend of creative and performing arts activities designed to inspire and empower participants.

WEEK 4 (22-26 JUL)

Culinary Adventure

Indulge your passion for cooking and embark on a delightful culinary journey with our Culinary Adventure Camp. This immersive program is designed for aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts who are eager to explore the art and science of cooking. Throughout the Culinary Adventure Camp, participants will have the opportunity to sharpen their culinary skills while discovering the secrets of various cuisines from around the world. From mastering basic cooking techniques to experimenting with advanced recipes, each day offers a new culinary adventure.





Early Year / Preschool (3-4 yrs)


15 – 30 Day



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