Chonburi : Ocean Guardian Camp, activities of the marine conservation and education for kids and family

20,000.00 ฿

  • Transportation throughout the program
  • Travel insurance
  • Attraction entrance fees
  • Hotel for Four nights accommodation with breakfast
  • Meals according to the program
  • Personal expenses
  • Expenses outside the program
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The Ocean Guardian Camp offers an immersive experience focused on marine conservation and education. Participants begin with training on how to use snorkeling equipment, preparing them for diving sessions aimed at studying the rich ecosystems found in coral reefs along the coast. This hands-on experience allows them to explore and understand the diverse physical and biological resources of the marine environment, with a particular emphasis on marine biodiversity and the anatomy of various sea creatures. Throughout the camp, attendees benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals, including researchers and university professors, who provide in-depth knowledge and guidance. Additionally, the camp includes a guided tour along a nature study trail within the museum, offering further opportunities to learn about and appreciate the natural world.


Day 1 2 July 2024

Officers pick up travelers at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Then the group traveled to Chonburi Province to have dinner. and enter the accommodation at your leisure

Day 2 3 July 2024

Visit the Marine Museum

Start your journey with a visit to the Marine Museum, where you’ll explore fascinating exhibits on marine life, ecosystems, and conservation efforts. The museum offers a wealth of information on the diversity and importance of marine environments, providing a solid foundation for the snorkeling activities to come.

Practice Using Snorkeling Equipment. Before heading to the coast, you’ll receive hands-on training in using snorkeling equipment. Experienced instructors will guide you through the basics of snorkeling, ensuring you are comfortable and confident in the water.This session will cover:

  • Proper fitting and adjustment of snorkeling gear
  • Breathing techniques while using a snorkel
  • Safety protocols and tips for snorkeling
  • Snorkeling on the Coast

With your new skills, you’ll embark on a snorkeling adventure along the coast. Dive into the clear, inviting waters and explore the vibrant marine life that thrives just beneath the surface. This coastal snorkeling session will allow you to:

  • Observe a variety of fish and other marine creatures in their natural habitat
  • Enjoy the beauty of underwater landscapes
  • Gain practical experience in snorkeling
  • Study the Ecosystem Along the Coral Reef

The highlight of the program is the study of the coral reef ecosystem. Guided by marine biologists and experts, you’ll snorkel along the reef and learn about the intricate relationships that sustain this delicate environment. Key activities include:

  • Identifying different species of corals, fish, and other marine organisms
  • Understanding the roles these species play in the ecosystem
  • Learning about the threats to coral reefs and the importance of conservation

This comprehensive program combines education and adventure, providing participants with a deeper understanding of marine ecosystems and the skills to explore them safely and responsibly.

Day 3 4 July 2024

Island Snorkeling Adventure and  Discover Biodiversity with Professors

Highlights of the Snorkeling Activity:

  1. Snorkeling Training: Begin with a comprehensive training session on snorkeling techniques and safety protocols to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.
  2. Coral Reef Exploration: Dive into the crystal-clear waters and explore the diverse coral reefs that are teeming with life. Observe the intricate structures and the myriad of colorful marine species that call these reefs home.
  3. Biodiversity Study: Under the expert guidance of professors and marine biologists, gain a deeper understanding of marine biodiversity. Learn about the various species of fish, corals, and other marine organisms, and their roles within the ecosystem.
  4. Interactive Learning: Participate in engaging discussions and Q&A sessions with the professors, who will share their extensive knowledge on marine biology, ecology, and conservation efforts aimed at protecting these fragile environments.
  5. Hands-On Research: Take part in hands-on research activities, such as identifying and documenting different species encountered during the snorkeling sessions. This practical experience will enhance your knowledge and appreciation of marine life.
  6. Environmental Awareness: Learn about the importance of marine conservation and the impact of human activities on these delicate ecosystems. Discover ways you can contribute to preserving the ocean’s biodiversity.

This snorkeling activity is designed for both beginners and experienced snorkelers, offering a thrilling and educational experience that will leave you with a greater appreciation for the wonders of the marine world. Join us on this island adventure and become a part of the effort to understand and protect our ocean’s incredible biodiversity.

Day 4 5 July 2024

Investigate the tranquil nature trail, fully immersing yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural environment. Afterward, enjoy with the largest water park in Southeast Asia, where you can revel in thrilling water slides, refreshing pools

Day 5 6 July 2024

Visit the floating market to buy souvenirs, then proceed to Bangkok. Afterward, escort the group to Suvarnabhumi Airport



Chinese, English, Thailand


High School (16-18 yrs), Other, Primary / Elementary (6-12 yrs), Secondary / Middle school (12-15 yrs), University


4-5 Day



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